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Benefit Brokers.

We value relationships and understand Long Term Care Insurance is a small part of your overall business. Our approach in working with you is to be nimble, responsive, and easy to do business with. We understand the ultimate customers are the employees and if their experience is simple and easy then it creates a great experience for everyone.

HR Managers.

We recognize there are many demands on your time and we make enrollment as simple and effective as possible. Our team will make sure you understand our enrollment strategy and feel confident in our expertise. We provide a detailed enrollment timeline, check-in calls and emails to ensure that everything is going well for you and your employees.

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What We Provide.

We provide proprietary platforms to educate employees on long term care coverage and enrollment.

Email Program

We use our proprietary email platform to educate employees and encourage them to learn more.

Online Enrollment

The proprietary online enrollment allows employees and their families to learn about the benefit through videos, recorded webinars, FAQ’s, rates and recommended plan designs. They can also complete the application at that time, all on their own.

Enrollment Specialists

Our team of enrollment specialists average 10+ years specializing in long term care planning. Their focus is education and planning for a long term care event.

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